Are New Branches Necessary?

It seems almost blasphemous to suggest that credit unions no longer need to build branches to expand. Yet in the dynamic and rapidly changing market for financial services, it is a question that should be discussed during every 2010 planning session. Yes, I know all of the arguments for expanding branch networks…your members like to […]

What Can You Improve Today?

OK, we all know it.  Times are challenging, the economy is not what we wish it was, and just about everyone I know has had it beyond ‘up to here’ with all the negative political ads. But today is a new day and so is tomorrow and so is the next day.  And on each […]

Get me off that list!

Looking for a way to get more done every day? Invest five minutes a day for the next week on one simple task… Review your inbox and ask the following question about every message: Is this something that I subscribed to, will read, and want to continue receiving? If the answer is yes, read it, file it […]

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