Are New Branches Necessary?

It seems almost blasphemous to suggest that credit unions no longer need to build branches to expand. Yet in the dynamic and rapidly changing market for financial services, it is a question that should be discussed during every 2010 planning session. Yes, I know all of the arguments for expanding branch networks…your members like to […]

Create, Test, & Adjust–Your New Mantra for Change

One of the inherent challenges in leading your credit union is finding a way to change things when things need to be changed.  Volumes have been written about the natural momentum in organizations that gets in the way of implementing even the best ideas. But my point is not to lament those problems, nor to […]

Earl Nightingale Quote-Monterey Tree

We Become What We Think About

There are books, audio programs, and videos that literally change our lives. They come to us at the moment when we need a bit of insight, inspiration, or clarity and their message resonates in a way that makes us different. Hearing Earl Nightingale’s program The Strangest Secret was such a time for me because that is when […]

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