Don’t Make This Mistake at Your Next Planning Session

It inevitably happens at some point in every credit union planning session, and for most it will happen sometime in the next few weeks. The discussion will start with an innocent question,such as: “How can we attract more members from the younger generations–they are our future?” From there, it will go downhill because everyone in […]

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Thinking on Your Feet is Worth the Extra Effort

Every day it seems we are learning more and more about the dangers of spending too much time sitting. But there is one danger not making the news you need to seriously think about as a leader—the danger of missing the ideas that only come when you are thinking on your feet (consciously or unconsciously). […]

Why Bookmarks Are a Great Tool in Leadership Development

If you’ve ever read a book that you didn’t have time to finish in a single sitting, then you know the value of a bookmark. It’s an ingenious, though simple, invention.  Not only does it mark your place without harming your book, but it saves you time when you return and allows you to pick […]

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