Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: The Key to Improving Member Service

KEY QUESTION: How effective are your dispute resolution procedures? THE SITUATION: While reviewing my online business account bank statement recently I discovered an error in a debit card transaction–a restaurant charge had been posted that was $4 more than what my receipt showed that it should be. MY INITIAL ACTION: When the error was discovered […]

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Make Sharing Ideas an Everyday Activity

We’ve all been there! You share an idea that has merit. It’s an idea that can significantly impact the organization either by making a process more efficient, making a small change that results in big savings or eliminating wasted time or resources in some way. Your co-workers love it until… they’re all assigned to a committee/team/task […]

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Sorry, But It’s Your Own Damn Fault

OK, that title is not really original—I borrowed a bit from The Pitbull of Personal Development (aka Larry Winget) and his book Your Success is Your Own Damn Fault (a recommended read if you are willing to confront difficult realities with an eye on increasing your personal impact and you have a sense of humor). […]

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