Connecting with Generation Y: E-mail Won’t Cut It

Everyone knows that the future members of your credit union will come from Generation Y.  Everyone also knows that one of the critical challenges for credit unions in finding ways to engage them in the conversation. Here’s an important reality that will impact your effectiveness as you attempt to do that:  E-mail Won’t Cut It! […]

Critical Area #4: Culture

In an earlier post we took a cursory look at five key areas where credit unions need to focus attention and energy to improve their performance. This post is the fourth in a five-part series where we take a deeper look at each of these areas and provide some simple action steps to get the […]

RECOMMENDED READING: Rules of Thumb for Improving Leadership

Leadership is not easy.  Everything changes from day to day, the environment is never certain, and the time to celebrate successes is often eclipsed by the next crisis. For credit union leaders the recent past has been a challenge to say the least.  And at times like this its helpful to have a few simple […]

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