How Do You Define Growth?

One of the more interesting discussions that often arises during planning sessions is how a credit union should define growth. It’s an important question, and your planning team should come to an agreement about it before making any decisions. The reality is that everyone seems to have their own definitions of what it means to […]

Accountability Sucks!

A common problem that surfaces in planning sessions is returning to topics that have already been discussed, decided, and directed to be done, but that have not been completed. It happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes the action steps that were defined regarding the topic have been completed and it has been reported to the Board, but […]

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What’s Your 4th Quarter Strategy?

In just a few hours every credit union leader will be confronted with an opportunity or (if you prefer) a challenge:  It’s fourth and one, and time is running out. What are my (not so cryptically) referring to? The start of the fourth quarter of 2014. Chances are your perspective regarding whether the dawning of […]

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