Five Steps to Success

Across the past decade I’ve had the privilege of working with credit unions across the country and speaking at credit union conferences in almost every state. During that time my work has focused on strategic planning, leadership development, and culture building programs for credit unions across the spectrum of sizes, locations, and fields of membership. […]

Simpler is (almost always) the Solution

Do you ever feel like your credit union team is bogging down and going nowhere when you are trying to solve a problem, ¬†working to come up with a better way to do something, or seeking to get a new initiative off the ground? I’m not talking about those times when everyone is distracted and […]

Leadership Development: Permission to Kick the Can Down the Road a Bit?

Earlier this week I spoke with a credit union leader about how to develop the leadership skills of her team. One of her core concerns revolved around the lack of progress she is seeing from members of her team who constantly seem to be “operating in a state of perpetual overload.” The conversation struck a […]

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