The Business Development Challenge: Going Beyond Grips, Grins, and Giveaways

Across the past two weeks it seems that the subject of business development for credit unions has crisscrossed my desk at least every other day. Some of the conversations have focused on getting clear about the definition of business development as it relates to credit unions.  The core question being whether there is a difference […]

Question for Today: Is Member Satisfaction Really Enough?

We hear the platitudes all the time. Credit unions will succeed because they believe in member service Credit unions are service focused and their members know it Credit union members are more satisfied than bank customers Credit unions can leverage their strengths in service to create success But here is something we don’t hear enough: […]

I changed my mind about that…

Recently I was delivering a presentation at an event when I noticed an old friend and former colleague at the back of the room. When I finished she came up to me and asked me when I changed my mind about visuals. Not sure what she meant, I probed a bit and she reminded me that I was the […]

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