How Long Has This Been Going On?

Recently a Board member of a credit union asked me the following question after I spoke at a conference: How long would you recommend that we use the same consultant for our strategic planning and leadership development? As one who does strategic planning and leadership development work with credit unions, it was a tough question. […]

The Critical Connection Between Culture and Strategy

The connection between a credit union’s strategy and its culture is a critical component of its strategic success.  If the culture is strong, then words and actions are aligned. When you are able to combine that alignment with a well-defined long-term strategy that is clearly communicated to the team and used to guide day-to-day actions, […]

Time to Do the Math

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of facilitating a program for a landscaping company looking to improve their efficiency. One of the exercises we did focused on calculating the costs of inefficiency. Here’s how it worked. Working in small groups the team identified instances that occurred during the past year where things were done […]

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