Labor Day is now behind us and that means that a window of opportunity is about to open, begging the question of how you will use it to your advantage.  If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to define your Post-Labor Day Action Plan!

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Think about it.  Labor Day is one of the major holidays that usher in a new time of the year and new behaviors for just about everyone.  Thoughts turn to resumption of school activities, the kick-off of fall sports programs, and the fast approaching year end holidays.

And everyone almost instinctively starts focusing on getting the things done that they planned to do this year, knowing that there is still time for one more push.

What should that ‘one more push’ be for your credit union?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking as you define your Post-Labor Day Action Plan:

  • Kick off a new program to educate members about saving focused on managing holiday expenses
  • Start a back-to-school savings program to reach out to younger members and get them engaged with your credit union
  • Update your presence on social media sites and share information people can use to deal with the increased pace of life of this time of the year
  • Implement a new marketing campaign with a series of messages that leverages the symbols of fall, the end of the year, the holidays, and the coming of the New Year to lead up to a big promotion for one of your products or services
  • Use the fall as a time to connect with your members and ask them for their insights into how you can serve them better
  • Take advantage of the upcoming Monday holidays(i.e., Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day) to hold team building events for your employees
  • Decorate your branches (and maybe even your website) to bring a seasonal look to things
  • Schedule a half-day retreat for your leadership team to think beyond the day-to-day stuff and look ahead to the New Year
  • Start a program that gives back to the community in some way around the holidays and use it to engage your members in helping the credit union achieve a visible and significant goal before year end

Let me stop there.  That should be enough to get you started.  The choice of what to do it up to you and your team, but take advantage of this window of opportunity to focus energy on something that will have a lasting impact on your team, your members, and your credit union!

Action Advice: Block out time for a 20-30 minute brainstorming session with key team members to define a Post-Labor Day Action Plan for your credit union.  This is a time of year when people are focused and attentive because they are leaving summer behind and committing to getting things done before the year ends.  If you can help them do that, you will build strong member relationships and position your credit union positively in their minds.  The same goes for your team–they are refocusing at this time of the year too, and it is a great time to help them and strengthen their commitment as well.