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what we doCredit Union Strategy provides an array of services for the credit union industry. We specialize in the development of custom programs that meet the needs of your audience using various approaches to make the information useful and relevant. Our coaching and consulting services and speaking programs help improve strategy, leadership and culture – the fundamentals that drive credit union performance.


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Whether facilitating a strategic planning session, creating a leadership development program, or implementing a culture building process, the Credit Union Strategy approach focuses on engaging your entire team in the effort. Our facilitators know when to push hard to focus your group on the real issues and when to pull back and let the conversation take its necessary course. They find ways to get even the most reserved participants to share their ideas and insights, and they manage the interactions so that no one person dominates and exerts too much control. In the end, your team owns the plan because they created it around their abilities and in a context that will work within your credit union. It’s your plan, your approach and your pathway to results!

Strategic Planning

Choose from a comprehensive range of strategic planning services to achieve the goals of your credit union. Learn more about our Strategic Planning services

Leadership Development

Credit Union Strategy designs, develops and delivers customized programs to help improve the effectiveness of your leadership team.  Learn more about our Leadership Development services

Culture Building

Build a stronger organization where the culture becomes so powerful that it ensures your long term success. Learn more about our Culture Building services


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Are you a meeting planner trying to hire a professional speaker who will give an educational, engaging and relevant presentation to your organization? Mark Arnold and Taylor Wells deliver high-impact speeches and training programs for conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops, either in person or using technology tools for delivery at a distance. Learn more about speaking presentations from Credit Union Strategy.

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Mark Arnold serves as an expert resource on strategy, leadership, and culture for the credit union industry. He can provide content articles for periodicals, websites and special publications as well as interviews for TV/Radio Shows, Tele-Seminars and Webinars. Learn more about our media resources.

“Taylor presented the keynote address to supervisors and managers at our credit union during our first ever leadership development day. His presentation helped set the tone for the day and really enabled the leaders in our credit union to think about and act on the importance of developing employees and mentoring them for great performance.”

— Garth Strand, President
    Heartland Credit Union

“Mark is very knowledgeable about credit unions and strategies for success. Mark is truly able to engage all participants, and  he gets the team to do the work that is critical for developing a specific strategy for their organizations (this is not a canned approach). Mark will not just tell you what you want to hear, he’ll guide you to truly understand your needs, your goals and how to achieve them.”

—Janet Belsky, CEO
Leominster Credit Union

Improve your credit union’s performance with coaching services and speaking programs from Credit Union Strategy.

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials