The connection between a credit union’s strategy and its culture is a critical component of its strategic success.  If the culture is strong, then words and actions are aligned.

When you are able to combine that alignment with a well-defined long-term strategy that is clearly communicated to the team and used to guide day-to-day actions, you greatly increase the chances of achieving your long-term vision.

The diagram above summarizes the inherent interconnectedness of strategy and culture.  The opportunity for today’s credit union leaders is to assess where they are in the diagram and then define an action plan that moves them toward the lower right quadrant where the credit union thrives.

ACTION ADVICE: Take a serious look at the culture in your credit union and its alignment with your overall strategy.  Which of the four quadrants in the diagram best describes where you are today?  Which of the quadrant descriptions best fits you credit union?  What is keeping you from moving into the Thriving quadrant?  Define your 2011 action plan with a goal of moving away from your current position and toward your desired position.