creative_whack_pack_2Few would disagree that there is a lot of room for creative solutions in the financial services industry right now.

But many of those same folks would probably agree that it can often be hard to get people to think about new approaches and come up with new ideas when there are faced with so many challenges and concerns.

Here is a solution that can work, every time.

About 20 years ago a creative genius named Roger van Oech wrote a book called A Whack on the Side of the Head and created a tool to support it called Creative Whack Pack. The former taught you about the power of being creative and shared several tactics to help you, the latter was a deck of cards you could use to stimulate creativity.

I have used the Creative Whack Pack on many occasions over the years to push people to become more creative and to take discussions to the next level. The activities and insights in the deck are powerful and fun to use. And now, they are all available in an iPhone application (which I bought the instant I heard about it so that I will never again be without these gems when I need to get a Board or Leadership team to think more creatively).

ACTION ADVICE: RUN, don’t walk, to your favorite bookstore and buy this tool, then use it when meetings and discussions become stagnant, or when you just want to inject a different perspective and push people to think in new ways. You will not be disappointed and the results you will produce will be far superior to those that come from the same old conversations framed by the same old thinking!