Few people have leveraged the power of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the way that Gary Vaynerchuk has done.

If you’re not familiar with that name, let me strongly encourage you to invest a few minutes of your time to learn how he used an online TV show called WineLibraryTV to build a brand and grow a business online.  He documents his experiences and shares a lot of insight in his book Crush It!, which was recommended by this blog a few months ago.

But Vaynerchuk’s second book is the one you really need to read.

It’s called The Thank You Economy, and here’s why every credit union leader should devour it:

It is probably the best book available regarding how the emergence of social media tools have forever changed the way customers want to interact with businesses.  The many examples Vaynerchuk shares will stimulate your thinking and reveal ways that you can strengthen member relationships by leveraging these new tools.

ACTION ADVICE: Pick up a copy today, read it, share it with your marketing team, your business development team, your senior management team, your branch managers, and your Board members–it is that important.  Everyone needs to understand what this new economy means and how it will impact everything you do in the future.  Reading this book will help your team come up with new ideas and approaches that will build stronger relationships with your current members and attract new members who will help you grow.  It will be time well invested!