It’s often been said that good things come in small packages, and that is certainly the case with The Myth of Multitasking. The book is appropriately brief and well-focused, and it provides easily implemented approaches that can quickly improve your effectiveness in leading your credit union.

Author Dave Crenshaw makes a strong case for why multitasking is both a myth and a lie, supporting his ideas with references from scientific research and anecdotal evidence. Writing in the context of a performance coach working with an entrepreneur, he reveals the flawed logic behind multitasking and then provides a step-by-step approach for becoming more efficient.

To some the concepts will be familiar. But to others the very idea that multitasking doesn’t work will be hard to swallow. And that’s where the real power of the book is revealed. By role playing the conversations with a non-believer, Crenshaw responds to the objections that multitasking devotees will bring up. In the process he reveals the flaws in their logic and delivers actionable advice for changing behavior.

Dave Crenshaw is a business coach and founder of Fresh Juice Strategy. He coaches CEOs and management teams worldwide and is a frequent keynote speaker. The ideas he shares in The Myth of Multitasking will be of interest to credit union leaders interested in increasing their effectiveness and their impact.

ACTION ADVICE: Even if you don’t opt to read this little gem, let me encourage you to consider its most valuable lesson: Multitasking was never intended for human beings.  It is a term that was coined with respect to computers that were able to switch between multiple tasks so quickly that they appeared to be doing them all at once.

The simple fact is that people are not wired to do more than one thing at a time.  When you consider that and look at how you really operate when you think you are multitasking, you will realize that you are actually switch-tasking.  It’s less efficient than focusing, and it tends to invade the development of relationships with your team.  Just paying attention to that reality can significantly increase your impact.