Credit union folks have a passion about their business and a desire to show people how they can help them build stronger and more sound financial futures for themselves and their families.

Gary Vaynerchuk has a passion about wine and a desire to show people how they can enjoy it and make it a less strodgy and more reachable part of their lives.

So what do these two things have in common?

Both have the need to find an effective way to communicate their respective passions in a crowded marketplace where it can be difficult to get your message heard.

But there’s some great news for credit unions who would like to find their pathway to success. Vaynerchuk has done is and he has written a book to show others how to do it as well.

Gary Vaynerchuk built his family’s local retail wine business into a national industry leader using traditional advertising techniques. Then one day he turned on his video camera and transformed his entire life by developing his distinctive personal brand–the same kind of brand that any credit can and should develop.

In Crush It! he reveals how he was able to leverage online media to create a one-of-a-kind presence that connects his business to his true passion. The approach is simple and direct, and the insights he shares can easily be adopted by anyone business, including credit unions, willing to invest the time and effort.

Being ever true to his brand, Vaynerchuk is very direct about the fact that while the steps are easy, they are not simple, and the results are not immediate. One of the core premises that runs through the book is the idea that once you decide to build your brand around what you are passionate about, you need to be ready to work and willing to commit for the long haul.

It’s hard to argue with the kind of success Vaynerchuk has created, and the book will tempt many to try and emulate his approach. The good news is that he provides step-by-step insight into how to do just that.

For many credit unions, the real challenge will be identifying their brand and committing the resources to do the work required to produce similar results. But the result will be worth it when you truly differentiate your credit union and stake out a clear and unique position in your market.

ACTION ADVICE: Read Crush It! and keep a notepad handy as you do. Jot down ideas that come to you about how you can model the process Vaynerchuk used for your credit union. Be sure to note people who come to mind as possible spokespeople and champions for the initiative. Then assemble your team and map out your strategy. You don’t have to go as far as the author suggests, but taking several of the steps he outlines is likely to really boost your visibility and expand your impacts.

P.S. You might also want to take a look at Vaynerchuk’s online TV show called Wine Library TV. It just celebrated its 900th episode. One word of caution–he is very direct and sometimes uses colorful language. The goal is not to mirror his style, but his approach and use of online tools to build a killer brand.