If read yesterday’s post and watched the video, you know that engagement is the key to building  high performance team.

Here’s a quick tip for increasing the level of engagement of your credit union team at all levels:  Define the Watermark.

The concept of the watermark is simple.  It defines the level of authority that people have to take action without getting permission.  By defining the watermark, you empower your team members to do what they know needs to be done in a given situation without soliciting approval or agreement from anyone else.

Based on what we learned in the video on yesterday’s post, this is a key motivator that will improve performance and strengthen the team.

Why not give it a try?

ACTION ADVICE: Review your policies and procedures, along with your training.  Is the watermark well defined within your credit union?  Is it consistently respected, or do managers and supervisors intervene and overrule?  If you don’t have a clearly defined watermark, engage your management team in defining one.  Then use it to allow your team to become more engaged.  Your credit union will benefit, your team will become stronger, and your overall capacity will increase…allowing you to expand the watermark over time as your team’s abilities increase.

It’s Your Turn...What’s your credit union’s watermark?  Do you have experience with this concept?  Did it work for your credit union?  Why or why not?  Please share your comments and insights so that our readers can learn from what you have experienced.