Strategic Planning for Your Credit Union

Achieve Your Credit Union’s Goals with Customized Strategic Plans

strategicplanningCredit Union Strategy provides a comprehensive range of strategic planning services for your credit union, including facilitating planning session facilitation of planning sessions, defining action plans and helping implement action plans to achieve your credit union’s goals of  your credit union. Our facilitators have a lifetime of experience as credit union members and several decades of experience working at and with credit unions. This unique combination of credit union knowledge from both the inside and outside enables them to connect with the members of your planning team and guide them to engage in true strategic thinking. Unfortunately, too much of what passes for strategic planning is nothing more than setting annual targets that lead in the general direction of longer term goals that are never seriously discussed, considered or defined. That doesn’t happen when you hire Credit Union Strategy your  planning partner and consultant. We work with your team to create your customized strategic plan focused on your credit union’s specific needs using the following process:

  • Reviewing your credit union’s current plan and past performance to develop a perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities it faces;
  • Assessing the environment within which your  credit union is operating, including site visits if requested and appropriate and soliciting staff and member input;
  • Interviewing your CEO and C-level executives to gain a broader understanding of the credit union;
  • Developing a custom framework for the planning session to ensure desired outcomes are achieved and reviewing this with your CEO prior to the planning session;
  • Facilitating the planning process with your senior leadership team and any other designees using various approaches to surface critical issues and guide your team toward decisions;
  • Coordinating with your senior leadership team to create a focused action plan with timelines, responsibilities and targets that will support implementation of the plan; and
  • Interacting with your planning team during the implementation phase of the plan via telephone, e-mail and/or face-to-face meetings, and preparing quarterly updates in the form that will work best for your team.

This process focuses on improving the strategic thinking process so that strategic decisions are linked to day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month activities. By making sure the team does not become overwhelmed trying to do too many disparate things, and keeping the strategic plan at the core of senior executive and board activities and conversations, the plan becomes a living part of your credit union instead of a dusty document on the shelf that is never consulted. Because the planning process is built around your individual credit union and is not a fill-in-the-blanks type of plan, your credit union gets more buy-in from stakeholders at all levels.


“Taylor has that perfect balance of knowledge, drive and enthusiasm. He added real value to our planning process for the year.  He did an excellent job of both preparation and facilitation of the process.  Board feedback noted that this was a “best ever” planning session.  We came away with specific and measurable goals to work on.  I could not be happier.”

— Catherine McDermott, President/CEO
RiverTrace FCU

“Mark will provide an energetic approach that will make you not want to end your meeting. My Board and Management Team can’t wait to have him back for our next session.”

— Todd Pearson, CEO,
Arizona Central Credit Union

Hire Credit Union Strategy to prepare a customized strategic plan for your credit union.

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials