Leadership Development for Credit Unions

Prepare Your Credit Union’s Current and Future Leaders for Success

leadership developmentFew things are more important to the success of your credit union than the effectiveness of your leadership team. From your senior leadership team to your middle management to your front line supervisors, you need everyone to be leading every day to the best of their ability.

Credit Union Strategy has worked with financial institutions of varying sizes for more than 30 years, helping individuals and teams develop their abilities to lead themselves, the people they lead and the overall organization. Our core belief is that in the best organizations, every one leads, whether they bare the title of leader or not.

Rather than deliver canned leadership lessons that can be accessed anywhere, Our facilitators design, develop, and deliver customized programs that focus on engaging your people in doing what they do best most of the time. Building on foundational concepts that support effective leadership, we work with your team to create a clear definition of what leadership means in your credit union, then help you implement a program to prepare your current and future leaders for success in that context.

Throughout this effort, the focus is on engaging your team to define what leadership means to them by taking a careful look at how today’s leaders are leading, the gaps between the way they are leading and the way the people in the organization want to be led and the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences that can prepare your current and future leaders to bridge those gaps.

Though there is no step-by-step model for achieving this result, the general approach involves:

  • Assessing the state of leadership within your credit union using tools such as employee surveys, focus groups, telephone interviews, and personal assessments all focused on understanding what is working today, what isn’t working today, and what people want in the future;
  • Assessing the environment within which your credit union is operating, including site visits if requested and appropriate, and soliciting staff and member input;
  • Examining your current leadership structures and processes to reveal opportunities for improvement that your credit union can pursue quickly and easily to create results. We want to help the team see immediate results in small ways that lead them to support the required longer term effort;
  • Creating a model of leadership that fits your credit union so that everyone gets on the same page regarding what leadership means within the credit union, and defining a clear set of beliefs and expectations for what leaders do on a day-to-day basis;
  • Implementing a series of experiences that develop everyone’s leadership capacity in your credit union and engage them in pursuit of personal learning plans that will improve their knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences, all in the context of your organization’s leadership model; and
  • Defining a long-term process and putting the necessary supports into place to make leadership development a natural and logical step in your team’s development, so it becomes viewed not as a one-time event, but as an ongoing part of the building of both individual and team capacity.


“Mark is very knowledgeable about credit unions and strategies for success. Mark is truly able to engage all participants, he gets the team to do the work that is critical for developing a specific strategy for their organizations (this is not a canned approach). Mark will not just tell you what you want to hear, he’ll guide you to truly understand your needs, your goals and how to achieve them.”

—Janet Belsky, Vice President of Marketing,
Leominster Credit Union

Prepare your credit union’s leaders for success with leadership training from Credit Union Strategy.

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials