High Performance Culture Building for Credit Unions

Building a Stronger Team to Ensure Your Long Term Success

culture buildingFor years business culture was talked about as the key to success. Then it seemed to go out of vogue for while and was replaced by various approaches to day-to-day management, team building and organizational performance. Then along came Jim Collins and his team with their insights in the best-selling book Good to Great, and culture was back on the table.

The reason is simple. Good to Great reminded everyone that the people matter and that without having the right people on the right bus, business success would never be achieved. Furthermore, the book reinforced an emerging and important notion that if you allow people to spend most of their time doing the things they do well (i.e., in the right seats on the bus), you will build a better company.

The Credit Union Strategy team firmly believes in this core concept and works with credit unions to make culture building a key part of everything they do. It’s not just about calling your employees a team. That’s an important first step, but if the team doesn’t know what they stand for, if they are not committed to working as a team, if they are not being rewarded for working as a team and if they are not allowed to spend their time doing things they do well, the entire concept falls apart.

In our work with credit unions in culture building initiatives, we strive to help teams come together around a clearly defined set of values and beliefs that guide their day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month interactions. By integrating the development of your culture with your strategic plan and your leadership development efforts, we will help you build a stronger organization—an organization where everyone is on the same page, where teamwork actually works, and where the culture becomes so powerful that it ensures your long term success.

There are several ways in which Credit Union Strategy works with credit unions to accomplish this:

  • Engaging your team in defining the values and beliefs that guide your credit union and your employees – putting it in writing so that it is clearly understood and creating accountabilities that make it part of the way you do business each day;
  • Conducting events that bring your team together to share experiences that bond them to your credit union and help them develop stronger personal relationships that will support on-the-job success. This creates a true sense of team and shows the team you value them by making the time for such special events;
  • Creating ongoing reinforcement programs that remind everyone of your credit union’s values and beliefs and recognize actions that have been taken to demonstrate those values and beliefs – going beyond the basic employee of the month approach to turn powerful ideas into daily behaviors; and
  • Empowering your team to take action every day to push themselves to live up to the culture they have defined – ensuring that the right people are on the bus and in the right seats to support the sustained growth of the credit union.
  • Implementing a series of experiences that develop the leadership capacity of everyone in your credit union and engage them in pursuit of personal learning plans that will improve their knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences – all in the context of your organization’s leadership model; and
  • Defining a long-term process and putting the necessary supports into place to make leadership development a natural and logical step in the development of your team – making sure it isn’t viewed as a one-time even, but as an ongoing part of the building of both individual and team capacity.


“Credit Union Strategy has highly professional standards. They provided GREAT value, targeted and focused feedback and next steps, a down-to-earth approach with access to national best practices and an unparalleled level of commitment and detail in helping craft specific recommendations.  We were pleasantly surprised that nothing in the plan for ASI seemed generic; all recommendations were very targeted to our specific membership and market.”

—Sarah Taylor, Senior Vice President,
ASI Federal Credit Union

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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