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coaching and consultingWe’ve all heard about the power of teaching people to fish instead of giving them the fish. In one case they learn how to do something. In the other they become dependent upon someone else to do it for them.

When it comes to creating change in organizations, you face a similar choice. You can bring in an expert presenter who delivers information and tools to your team and shows them how they can improve. Or, you can bring in a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced consulting facilitator…someone with a broad range of expertise who can work with your team, help them to discover the knowledge, skills, and abilities that lie within and guide them through the implementation process to create real lasting change.

This facilitative approach enables you to engage the people who are actually experiencing the problems and empower them to define solutions that will work. You allow them to actively participate in creating their own action plans to bring about lasting change, and you come up with a set of solutions that fit your problems instead of the general problems that everyone else is facing.

That’s why we use a facilitative approach in working with our credit union clients.

Whether facilitating a strategic planning session, creating a leadership development program or implementing a culture building process, our approach focuses on engaging the entire team in the effort. Our team of facilitators know when to push hard to focus the group on the real issues and when to pull back and let the conversation take its necessary course. We find ways to get even the most reserved participants to share their ideas and insights, and we manage the interactions so that no one person dominates and exerts too much control.

In the end, your team owns the plan because they created it around their abilities and in a context that will work within your credit union. It’s your plan, your approach and your pathway to results!

“Mark brought value to our organization through his knowledge and understanding of credit unions, and his ability to design solutions that are geared to get results.

—Richard Williams, Former CEO, Security Plus Credit Union,
(current CEO, Dow Louisiana FCU)

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials