It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the work of Seth Godin.  His books and blog posts always stimulate my thinking and often lead me to the discovery of new ideas and insights.

Godin’s to the point, direct, provocative style is appealing in a way that makes you nod in agreement even when you are being pushed to reconsider ideas you may have previously rejected.

Seth’s latest release is a free manifesto titled Stop Stealing Dreams, and it is something everyone should take the time to read for a number of reasons, including:

  • to understand the role education needs to play in preparing students for success in today’s world,
  • to recognize the gaps in the design and implementation of our current systems and why a revolution is needed, and
  • to identify opportunities for improvement that can be applied not just within the educational system, but also within workplaces and community organizations.

But most important of all, you should read Stop Stealing Dreams to be inspired to initiate change in your corner of the world.  Change that will improve the chances of success of those whose lives you touch whether they be peers, students, or employees.

The reality is that the credit union you lead is similar to a school in many ways.  Reading Stop Stealing Dreams will reveal opportunities for improving the culture of your credit union by showing you how to make it more of a learning organization where people on the right bus in the right seats are set up for success and as a result produce amazing results!


1. Visit the Stop Stealing Dreams page and download the free manifesto in whatever form will work best for you.

2. Read the manifesto and make a list of action ideas that occur to you as you read.

3. Share this blog post or the link to the page with others who can benefit from reading the manifesto.

4. Decide to take action to improve the situation.